Fakateretere - Gabilou

(This song is in the Paumoku language of the Tuamotu Island group. Apologies for any errors with the lyrics)

A                                  E7
Fakateretere na tokerau e
                 D6             A    E7 
Toku piko hanga i na ruki e
              A                      E7
Viruviru maua taku moe hanga
Ua kite au te marangi au
Taku kahaia iti e
A                     F#m
Ua peke o te rangi
         D6                 E7
Ki runga i toku kainga
            A          F#m
Horo horo tamariki
ki runga ki runga
I te piringa

the wind from the north 
during my sleep 
last night 
she is so pretty 
in my dreams 
I saw this beautiful girl 
my little flower 

flying in the sky 
above my homeland 
running, running, 
above, above 

the earth


Anonymous said...

Love it thank you 4 putting more tutorials on its the bomb....... keep going

Rhod Lloyd said...

I absolutely love this track, I first heard it on 531PI in New Zealand

Unknown said...

Iaorana, could somebody could help me with the jazz chords of this song? but the version of Clint Mariteragi, its a R& B version, thanks!!! claudiohuesca@gmail.com Maururu!!!

Paulo and Lisah said...

Manea tikai teia imene Tahiti. :)

Anonymous said...

Heard so many versions of this song, but my absolute fave is the way that Wesley Akeli of Nonosina (former member) sings it!!! His vocals are STELLAR!!!!!

Unknown said...

I like the way John gabilou sings it hearing for the first time I liked it very much I found the chords and song sheet for this song on Google (song sheet for fakateretere ) you'll find it

Unknown said...

Like this very much finally I have the song &chords for this song ( fakateretere) click on Google. write- song sheet for fakateretere and there it yours first volume there you'll have it

Anonymous said...

John and Moeata are the first singers i've heard, so this is the absolute one and only version for me. I love how their voices blend with so much feeling. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Love love love it. Never knew the correct words but my words were pretty much the same hahaha Māori instincts ��

Unknown said...

We danced to this song at our wedding..love this version!!