C7   F                              C6
poreho no roto ’oe i te miti
                        G7                          C6
ma’a ’oe na te fe'e amuhia ’oe te fe'e
     G7                                     C6
anapanapa mai to ’oe ’apu iti e
     G7                                     C6
anapanapa mai to ’oe ’apu iti e


easyukulelesongs said...

Sounds wonderful! I like the feel of the bass and the support it adds to the ukes. I always appreciate when there's more than one uke playing as well.

Bernadette said...

I love that you have video and chords together.
Beautiful performance <3

Lachlan said...

You Guys Sound Awesome !!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi the chord diagram names listed are incorrect to the tablature images, if it's tuned to G C E A. According to the charts the first one would be C6, Second is F as stated, the third is actually Am7 Over G, and the fourth is GMaj7, so either the chord names wrong or the tuning is not G C E A or the chord names are correct and the chords tablature image are incorrect to the song.

Mr. T said...

Hey gang! I found this collection of songs most interesting. I found my Tahitian uke in Toronto on. FB Marketplace.Bought it because it looked cool but I am loving playing it.