"Akakino" - Te Ava Piti

Te rongo nei au i te reo akakino
A toku nei oa iti e 
   Bb                F7                   Bb
E taku metua e aha taku ara i rave,

I u'una nei au toku roimata
Te aue anga i te po
   Bb   F7               Bb
Aue, aue taku oa iti e
                                Eb        Bb
Taku na metua taku na metua
Mauri a mai i au e 
Te mama e nei taku ngakau
i te tuatua Akakino

Kua riro taku kiri manea
Tei patiatia anga
       Eb  Ebm  Bb
Na toku orai oa


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this song! They perform it so beautifully. Does anyone know how I can get their CD's (in the USA)? I've tried searching on iTunes and even Amazon.com with no luck...

Anonymous said...

hello, in the USA i d'nt know but in Papeete you may have it.
it's a song about 20 years old and it's from the group
Te ava piti and the title is Te reo Akakino

Anonymous said...

This song was performed en 1994. Give me your email adress and i'll send you.

Anonymous said...

hey mate - well done for posting .... just wondering were you da one i had a jam with at polyfest 2013????

Unknown said...

I love this song , do u have the translaion?